The Arbor Team

The Arbor Team

Meet the Arbor Wealth Management Team

Meet the conductors behind your best financial future – a team of dedicated industry experts ready to help you turn your financial goals into reality.

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Finding balance in team and approach.

An instrument is only as good as the musician who wields it. With Arbor, we’re highly skilled at composing rich symphonies from a variety of proven strategies. Our hands-on approach is designed to give you the confidence of knowing your future is in expert hands.

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Expert knowledge with a personal touch.

Our clients like to refer to us as their personal CFO, as we closely help them build wealth, retire comfortably, and minimize taxes. Arbor is able to consistently deliver in part to our expertise, holding certification as both Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), and a Registered Investment Advisor.

  • 25+ combined years of financial planning experience

  • Comprehensive and industry-certified financial planning expertise

  • Fully transparent fee structure

  • Direct and open communication with your personal advisor

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We’re naturals at the fine art wealth management.

Arbor’s logo is a stylized musical note called a natural. In musical composition, a natural serves to correct deviations in pitch. In short, naturals bring surrounding notes back into proper harmony. This realignment perfectly represents how we serve you, our clients – expertly safeguarding your resources and ensuring the most efficient returns for your investments.

We're partners in your financial future

These are some of the ways we are able to personalize your unique wealth strategy.

Tax-Sensitive Withdrawal Strategies: Knowing which accounts to withdraw from and when to withdraw from them can have a significant impact on taxes over time. We specialize in developing tax-sensitive withdraw strategies that will keep your retirement plan in tune.

Tax GAIN Harvesting: Tax loss harvesting can be achieved through automation, as a widely available service. Tax GAIN harvesting, however, requires special attention and strategy. If executed correctly, it can greatly reduce taxes paid on investment gains over time.

Custom Roth Conversion Strategies: At times, financial plans require more than just software input. Our unique approach to Roth conversion planning looks deep into your tax records, finding ways to efficiently convert your money to a tax-free future for you and your legacy.

Review and Archive Documents: A key part of crafting your optimal wealth strategy is developing a full picture of your financial life. Having a complete financial record in one place means you only need to make one phone call when life changes.

Unique Approach to Insurance Planning: Most insurance professionals aren’t required to act as fiduciaries. At Arbor, we do, and we understand the importance of risk management and insurance for retirees. Our insurance planning strategies are unique to each client, intuitive, and critical to getting the most out of your resources.

Advise on Retirement Taxes: Arbor advises on tax planning, and more specifically, retirement planning. We bring a robust background in retirement taxation and compliance to make sure you don’t overpay Uncle Sam in retirement.

Strategic Timing and Monitoring of Your Plan: Time is money. This is especially true when it comes to knowing when to trigger income such as Social Security, IRA Withdrawals, GAIN harvesting, pensions, and other income streams. Timing plays a large role in effecting your taxes and plan. We are proactive, not reactive.

Risk-Based Portfolio Strategies without High Fees: High fees are a guaranteed way to erode investment returns over time. At Arbor, we keep your costs lower than industry averages so you can capture the long-term benefits.

Joe Arsenault


A licensed CPA and Personal Financial Specialist, Joe is a graduate of Arizona State University with a background in financial accounting, taxation, and retirement planning. Sought after by both clients and financial professionals for his extensive knowledge, Joe focuses on creating, implementing, and maintaining superior financial and investment strategies for our clients.

Joe Arsenault

Jake Ulrich


Jake is a licensed insurance agent and Investor Advisor Representative. After attending Arizona State University, he spent more than a decade honing his skills across a variety of banking sectors, including management of multiple bank locations. Serving as Arbor’s Chief Compliance Officer, Jake ensures the highest fiduciary standards are upheld. In continued efforts to give back in the community Jake has worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs since 2006 and currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Arizona – Phoenix & East Valley.

Jake Ulrich

Jordan Taylor


Jordan has built and led a successful tax and accounting firm with offices in Phoenix and Seattle. After selling his accounting firm, Jordan shifted his exclusive tax focus to working with Capital Review Group partners and clients. Jordan brings extensive knowledge of IRS code and specific ways to enhance the overall financial picture of clients. The partnership of Jordan’s skillset with Arbor’s wealth services provides unique planning opportunities for business owners.

Jordan Taylor

Business Wealth Planning Powered by a Unique Partnership

Together, Arbor & Capital Review Group specialize in identifying tax saving opportunities for business owners. These strategies create further opportunities for growing your wealth, such as developing tax-free retirement assets or income streams. The business owners we assist frequently leverage multiple strategies together, creating the potential for massive future financial benefits, both for themselves and for loved ones.

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