Investment Planning

Orchestras are kept on rhythm by their percussion section. Percussion involves an array of different instruments to form the rhythmic backbone of a performance. Your investment plan plays a similar role in your lifelong financial growth. You want your investments to work toward consistent returns through various markets; you want a driving tempo managed through risk and reward.

A tailored investment plan that improves your returns without increasing risk – keeping your orchestra on rhythm – is achievable with Arbor’s sound modern investment philosophy. Our strategies promote fewer costs and fewer transactions that lead to more efficient returns.

Key thoughts when approaching investment strategy:

  • History proves that market timing is not a sustainable investment strategy. We provide an investment philosophy that provides solutions for investors at every stage of life.

  • A major culprit of lower investment returns is high advisor fees, coupled with high fund costs. We build and manage plans more efficiently, with costs significantly below industry averages.

  • Productive investment philosophies reward simplification over complexity. By creating a personalized indexing strategy, we provide more effective ways to promote better returns focused on specific objectives.

  • We strive for complete transparency on fees and performance. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are a fully Independent Fiduciary. We succeed only when you succeed.

  • We put our strategies through rigorous training and testing, simulating performance through the worst imaginable scenarios, including events like a U.S. Debt default.

Investment Philosophy

Better understand Arbor's unique investment philosophy with our free download.

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